Beats of Love

Storry line
Ivan Cuero is a total ball of energy when he´s on stage. He carries the passion
and the feeling awakened by music and love in his voice. Every time he sings,
he passes on all the emotion and personal favor to everyone who listens to
him. His most desireddream is to become one of the best singers in the world.
He shares this dream with Amadeo and Marisol, his best friends.
Marisol becomes a lot more than that: she is his ally, his accomplice, someone
who has always supported him and secretlyloves him even though she knows
that for Ivan, she will always be just his best friend. Abelardo Cuero, Ivan´s
father, is aviolinist and a classical music lover, he is against his son´s dreams.
The negative influence from his father and heart break,
make Ivan leave music and follow his career as an Accountant. On his graduation
day, Ivan receives from Amadeo, a record from the Orquesta Sabrosura
Niche, where his mother´s name, Amparo, is on the cover. This unveils a secret
his parents have always kept from him: Amparo Moreno was a singer for the
Orquesta Sabrosura Niche. Ivan pressures his mother to give himan explanation
and she ends up revealing the great truth they had been hiding for many
years: his real father is one of the members of the Orquesta Sabrosura Niche.


03 September 2016