The disappearance of a teenager will change the life of a family forever. Elisa

Altamira, daughter of Mariano Altamira and Danna Riggs, was last seen on her

father’s birthday, when the whole family gathered to celebrate at their Malibu

beach House.

That night Elisa’s cousins-Santiago, Flor, and Eduardo, invited her to a nightclub and

after a great deal of begging her parents allowed her go. When Danna and he

sister-in-law Cecilia went to pick them up, all of them started showing up except for

Elisa. As the hours passed, her parent grew more and more desperate and it was

then when they decided to call the police and file a missing report.

At first the police was skeptical about the disappearance because they thought Elisa

was just staying out past her curfew, but after investigating further they concluded

that there had been foul play. They began suspecting everybody, even her family…

Cristobal Rivas and Gisela Cruz will be the detectives in charge of the case. They will

come across many theories about Elisa’s disappearance. Did somebody kidnap her

to get back at her father? Did her secret relationship with her cousin Santiago turn

bad? Did she run away from my parents because they were abusing her? Was her

cousin Flor jealous of her? Or was it just a random crime? Everybody is a suspect,

but only one person knows where is Elisa….


03 September 2016